Opening on May, 7th 2021
Opening of swimming pools, slides, Balnéo on the 19th of May 2021
and entertainment in accordance with health constraints. Indoor swimming pool on the 1st of July 2021.

New in our cancellation conditions :
More flexibility. Fewer asterisks !

Le Sérignan Plage adapts its cancellation conditions for reasons related to the Covid-19, thus in case of:

• Border closures.
• Administrative closure of the campsite.
• Customer placed in quarantine on arrival or when he/she returns to home country.
• Travel restricted to a number of kilometres meaning he/she cannot come to the campsite.

A credit note valid for 2 years or a refund of the full amount paid will be issued by the campsite.

See the details of our General Sales Conditions by clicking here.

Underground cave of the Damsels
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Underground cave of the Damsels

Here you’ll discover stalagmites and gigantic stalactites, streams of calcites, big columns, while its translucent draperies impressed the pioneers of modern caving and constitute a real illustration of past geological times.



In pictures...
  • Grotte des Demoiselles
  • Grotte des Demoiselles
  • Grotte des Demoiselles
  • Grotte des Demoiselles